Discos in Palermo, the Country: «Extended hours are good, but priority and safety»

“Well, the will of this administration to make us work more, in the last period the evenings have become a sprint where young people have to enter, drink, socialize, they come out at 3 drunk in the middle of the street and clearly if you don’t put them in a position to security get in the car and go to do damage. Or they end up in an abusive and unsupervised situation. Therefore, for Vicio Di Fresco, manager of the Country disco in via dell’Olimpo, in Palermo, it is welcome that the tourist who arrives in the summer and who goes to Ibiza to dance at 2 in the morning should not be denied entry «from we who are almost closing at that moment. It is normal that the lengthening of the timetable serves to encourage more youthful tourism, but all this must go hand in hand with the increase in the level of security and control by the forces of order. If we insiders first do not feel comfortable staying open until dawn, we will give up ».