Discomfort for the elderly at the new vaccination center of the Fair :: Reporting in Palermo

Dear councilor Ruggero Razza and dear president of the Nello Musumeci Region, I understand your enthusiasm for the new anti Covid vaccine center in Palermo that you inaugurated at the Fair, but if you move the vaccinations of over 80s from other hospitals and vaccination centers in Palermo, such as for example, the Buccheri La Ferla hospital, from your authoritative position in command, can you instruct the organizing machine to notify people?

Vague news of travel to the Fair arrives at which we children of patients over eighty years old seek confirmation by calling the call center, but the operators, however good, know nothing. I would like to be amazed and think that in Sicilian healthcare everything is done with common sense and attention to people, but unfortunately every time you make simple things complicated. Can you please clarify? Thank you

Marina Fontana

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