Disappeared municipal employee of Sciacca: found in Palermo

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He was found by state police officers at the central station of Palermo Carmelo Sacconethe sixty year old Lsu employee of the municipality of Sciacca (Agrigento) of which traces had been lost for days.
The man is fine.
The report of his disappearance had been made directly by the traffic police.

The man has no relative in the city.
After the news of his disappearance spread, several people, including on social media, said they had seen him.
A specific report could have been decisive, which placed him right at the Palermo station, where he was actually found.
The disappearance of Saccone had been reported to the various police headquarters, and the police searches had the best result in a short time.
According to what is learned Saccone is homeless, and although he works he does not have a home and would sleep in the open, in particular near the public toilets in Piazza Scandaliato.

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