Disability, with Kore and Uici Sicily remembers Louis Braille

The day dedicated to the inventor of writing for the blind will be celebrated with an event organized by the University of Enna on the meet platform for two hundred and fifty students. Also a workshop with Lego bricks in braille

Louis Braille has enabled blind people around the world to access directly and without mediation to culture, to human knowledge. And this by studying, deepening, thanks to method of reading and writing invented by him “.

The regional president of Uici said so Gaetano Renzo Minincleri in presenting the celebrations, in Sicily, of the Braille day, “This year organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Classical, linguistic and education studies ofKore University of Enna “.

The event, aimed at two hundred and fifty students of the Primary Education Science Course, will take place from 10.30 to 12.30 on Thursday 25 February online on the platform meet.

The meeting will be opened by greetings from the rector Giovanni Puglisi and introduced by the Dean of the Faculty Marinella Muscarà. The national president of Uici will be present Mario Barbuto, the national vice president Linda Timber, the president of the Italian Braille Club Nicola Stilla, the Sicilian president Minincleri, the regional coordinator of education Rita Puglisi and the president of the Uici of Enna Santino Di Gregorio.

The teachers will also participate Viviana La Rosa, coordinator of the degree course in Primary Education, Alessandra Lo Piccolo, director of the specialization course for support, e Stefano Salmeri, who teaches General Pedagogy in the Kore and is national councilor of Uici.

“Braille – he said Psalms – it’s a reading and writing code absolutely not surmountable, even with the new technologies. Indeed, these technological tools are complementary to Braille although this was invented way back 1829. It has therefore 192 years of life. Glorious because it allowed the blind to become aware citizens and productive, with equal dignity compared to others, entering roles ofhigh profile social and cultural “.

The seminar will end with a workshop with the Lego Braille Bricks by the head of the typhlodidactic consulting center of Catania, Nando Sutera, which he will also use a short film for illustrate the use of the bricks with an educator.

Louis Braille, born in the family of a saddler in 1809, he lost his sight due to an infection he contracted at the age of three. At ten he won a scholarship for the Institute of Blind Young People in Paris, who were taught to read according to the tactile method developed by Valentin Haüy: thanks to a copper wire placed on the other side of the sheet, relief to the letters in black. However, the system did not allow blind people to write. For this reason, at the age of twelve, when he learned of a military method for writing embossed nocturnal messages, he began to elaborate one based on six points variously combined to correspond to letters, numbers and notes: braille, born in 1929 and still today used by blind people all over the world. Thus, at only nineteen, the young Louis became a professor in the same institute, where he also played the organ during religious ceremonies. He died of tuberculosis at 43 and in 1952 the French recognized his greatness by transferring his remains to the Pantheon in Paris.