Diletta Leotta celebrates first birthday as a mother with little Aria

Diletta Leotta, the Italian presenter, threw a grand birthday party on the terrace of a Milan skyscraper. The celebration was held to mark her belated 32nd birthday on August 16th and to introduce her daughter Aria to her friends. The party included a gourmet dinner by chef Alessandro Borghese, music by Matteo Lotti and Babi K, and was attended by guests such as Costanza Caracciolo, Francesca Muggeri, Roberta Sinopoli, Elena Barolo, Daniele Battaglia, Michelle Hunziker, and Fabio Rovazzi. At the end of the night, Diletta swapped her high heels for comfortable and playful slippers, allowing her to dance freely and effortlessly.

Diletta Leotta e il primo compleanno da mamma con la sua piccola Aria

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