Difficult naming of healthcare managers in Sicily, list screening postponed to January

The postponement of the appointment of public health managers in Sicily allows the regional government to naturally narrow down the list of candidates. The decision was made by the governing board and calculations have been made based on the list of 49 potential candidates. Some candidates will soon be eligible for retirement, which excludes them from consideration. Additionally, several candidates are not from Sicily or have positions in other regions, which may indicate a lack of interest. The number of viable candidates is now estimated to be around 38 or 39 for 18 positions. Coalition parties continue to negotiate over the distribution of positions, with some requesting more representation. The delay also allows for the reassessment of budget plans. Meanwhile, opposition parties criticize the internal conflicts within the majority and express concerns over prioritizing power over citizens’ health. Protests have also taken place, led by the Forum for Public Health, which aims to address the decline of the National Health Service. They highlight issues such as budget cuts, favoritism towards private healthcare, mismanagement, and a lack of healthcare in local communities.

Le difficili nomine dei manager della sanità in Sicilia, rinvio a gennaio per scremare la lista

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