“Did you send me the video of the Foro Italico, son?”: Young people’s messages about Palermo rape

The naming of the seven boys involved in the Palermo rape case was prompted by videos capturing the incident and the messages exchanged before and after the assault. Angelo Flores, one of the arrested individuals, played a crucial role as he filmed the entire event on his phone and potentially shared the videos with outsiders. The messages and interrogations reveal the defense strategy of the suspects, who initially tried to downplay their involvement by claiming that the victim had consented to sexual encounters. Flores attempted to distance himself by revealing the names of his accomplices, including Cristian Barone, Christian Maronia, Elio Arnao, Gabriele Di Trapani, Samuele La Grassa, and the only minor at the time, Riccardo Parrinello. The suspects face serious charges and potential heavy sentences.

«Figghiò, me lo mandi pure a me il video del Foro Italico?»: i messaggi fra i giovani dello stupro di Palermo

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