Devastating fire in Balestrate kills man’s daughter: “Smoke, not illness, caused his death”

Hello papi, you were left alone. It wasn’t a panic attack, you died from smoke poisoning. No one came to help you and your uncles extinguish the flames, no one. You were fighting against that hell.” This is a heartbreaking outburst written by Andreina Albano, the daughter of Salvatore Albano, a 68-year-old man who tragically died in a fire between Trappeto and Balestrate. “My father did everything he could to save his land and his house, the flames had already entered his garden, burning the olive trees and two wooden huts, but he was left alone. No one responded to the calls for help, only at 6 pm a helicopter arrived to stop the entire valley from burning. A power pole fell, and we are still without electricity.” Andreina describes a real inferno: “There should be more control during the scirocco winds in areas with vegetation, and we also need more firefighters,” she says. Andreina then remembers her father: “He was a good person with a heart of gold. Even without much money, he always helped everyone, sacrificing his own meals for acquaintances and strangers. He had a great sense of humor and always made everyone laugh. He had recently retired from his job at the agricultural consortium of Partinico.” The man had two daughters, and now it is a time of grief. “The tears will come later, for now, there is so much to do. We do it for him,” says Andreina. The fire was devastating, reaching the area beneath the highway viaduct. The video shows the extent of the fire.

L’incendio devastante di Balestrate, la figlia dell’uomo morto: «Lo ha ucciso il fumo, non un malore»

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