Detainee on house arrest in Caltanissetta caught selling drugs, ends up in prison

In Caltanissetta, the mobile squad arrested a 32-year-old man found in possession of 20 grams of cocaine and hashish. The drugs were hidden in the trash can in the house where he was under house arrest. A police dog named Yndira found the drugs. The judge validated the arrest and drug seizure, and the supervising magistrate revoked the house arrest, ordering the detainee to be taken to prison to serve a sentence imposed on him in another criminal proceeding. Investigators had noticed unusual comings and goings from the man’s house, and during a search with the help of drug-sniffing police dogs, Yndira found the drugs hidden in the trash. In total, over 20 grams of cocaine and hashish were seized and sent for analysis.

Caltanissetta, spaccia da casa: detenuto ai domiciliari finisce in carcere

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