“Destination make Messina”, a path to create destination strategies – Tempo Stretto

Wanted by the Chamber of Commerce

Bridging the gap between destinations and the market through strategic planning that effectively and innovatively responds to the new needs of travelers, which have significantly changed compared to the pre-pandemic period.

This is the objective that the Chamber of Commerce intends to pursue with the “Destination Make! Messina “, presented this morning in the Consulta room of the Chamber of Commerce: a path of co-creation of destination strategies to be carried out together with the institutional actors of the territory and in collaboration with tourist operators and stakeholders, aimed at creating a new vision of the Messina province and to attract tourist flows to enhance the productive fabric of the entire province, offering answers in line with the requests of new travelers.

«We will start working immediately – says the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Ivo Blandina – establishing an ever closer connection between institutions, operators and representatives of the world of tourism in all its articulations. Since we are an island, I believe it is necessary to insist a lot on maritime connections so that everything is more efficient for the tourist, who will certainly feel encouraged to return. It is essential to work by bringing together our traditions and our experiences, and, at the same time, broadening horizons and betting on innovation. Which is not just the technological one: it is an approach to the different needs of those who move to travel today and ask for something different from the tourism we know ».

The analysis phase includes an educational path aimed at better understanding the potential of the “Destination Messina” as a tourist destination and the creation of a mapping to rationalize the territorial resources, the offer and the perception of the territory on the market. «We will have ten months of intense work – specifies the general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Paola Sabella – compared to other marketing campaigns and other strategic plans, this project certainly has an innovative value because it provides for the concrete and effective involvement of operators and institutions. Who will co-design together a strategy to change the face of Messina. A city that deserves to be valued. And, for this, we will make available all our expertise and our heart ».

The path will be supported by the skills of Destination Makers srl, the company founded in 2014 that deals with territorial marketing, destination management and social impact.

«Today more than ever, tourism trends have changed – underlines Emma Taveri, CEO of Destination Makers – following the pandemic, the needs and types of travelers have changed profoundly. They are often worker-travelers, particularly attentive to sustainability. To meet the new demands, the territories are increasingly questioning how to attract these tourist flows. In fact, there are many destinations that are changing strategies and offers, identifying innovative solutions to compete on the national and international markets ».

The Chamber of Commerce has invited local institutions, operators and stakeholders to be an active part in the co-planning of the “Destination Messina”. Present at the meeting, among others, the vice president of the Chamber, Alberto Palella; the members of the chamber council, Carmelo Picciotto and Tonino Genovese; members of the chamber council; the city councilor Enzo Caruso; the professor. Filippo Grasso; Maria Cristiana Laurà for the Port Authority of the Strait; representatives of trade associations and numerous entrepreneurs in the sector.

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