Desires and hopes of Palermitans during the Acchianata: “May Santa Rosalia grant us health and a little money”

On the night between September 3rd and 4th, Palermo residents participate in a popular religious pilgrimage called “acchianata.” Starting from 8 am on September 3rd, devotees make their way up Monte Pellegrino to the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, the city’s patron saint. This pilgrimage dates back centuries since the Santuzza saved Palermo from the plague in 1624. Families and friends participate together, with some even bringing musical instruments. Many young people eagerly prepare for the challenging journey, finding it a special experience at the sanctuary. Some express their devotion, while others ask for health and prosperity from Santa Rosalia.

Desideri e speranza dei palermitani durante l’Acchianata: “Santa Rosalia ci dia salute e un po’ di soldi”

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