Depot of stolen cars discovered


THE Carabinieri of the Radiomobile Nucleus of the Compagnia di Paternò they found a deposit of stealth vehicles.

The investigative info activity carried out by the military on the resurgence of car thefts committed not only in the Paternese area but also in the neighboring centers, had concentrated their attention in an area called "Bae di sotto" in the Paternese countryside.

The soldiers, inside an abandoned shed, found 9 cars of stealth origin and, in particular, believe they were able to locate a storage depot for the stolen cars and waiting for the so-called "return horse", hateful extortion crime against the victim of theft who is forced to pay a sum of money for the return of his car.

This circumstance is supported by the presence of cars still perfectly intact and others in the process of dismantling the mechanical components for which, apparently, the criminals had not managed to perfect the extortion.

The cars found were stolen in the territory of Catania, Caltagirone, Ramacca and Modica (RG) and in this case there are three FIAT 500, a FIAT Panda, two Alfa Romeo Giulietta, an Alfa Romeo Vito, a FORD KA and a FIAT Punto and then returned to their rightful owners.

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