Dentist conceals fees totaling 800 thousand euros: nine tax evaders discovered in Riposto.

The financiers of the Riposto company have discovered nine tax evaders. They are entrepreneurs and self-employed workers operating in various sectors, including construction, trade in building materials, buying and renting vehicles, and hospitality (B&Bs and holiday homes). Following inspections conducted on the nine suspected offenders, an additional taxable income for income taxes of over 1.7 million euros and a higher VAT due of approximately 267,000 euros were identified. The owner of one of the two hospitality businesses was reported for unlawfully receiving subsidies of over 5,000 euros. Two self-employed workers caught the attention of the financiers in particular. A representative of a well-known coffee brand, despite receiving annual commissions well above the threshold for occasional activities and being a registered VAT holder, concealed a total taxable income for all tax years of over 360,000 euros, with a total VAT of about 80,000 euros. On the other hand, a dentist failed to file tax returns and, according to the investigation, did not declare earnings of over 800,000 euros. Furthermore, during the inspection of the dentist’s office, the authorities found numerous hygiene and sanitation deficiencies. The finance police also discovered that the two medical practices associated with the dentist – one in the province and the other in the city – lacked proper authorization. Accordingly, the appropriate reports were sent to the competent authorities, who ordered the dentist to cease practicing dentistry.

Un dentista ha nascosto compensi per 800 mila euro: scoperti nove evasori fiscali a Riposto

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