Denise Pipitone gets her health card, her parents’ post: “The state makes us feel its presence”

«On the one hand, so much bitterness, on the other, the Italian state makes us feel the presence of our daughter… at least with the tax code that was about to expire. Denise is here, until proven otherwise.” This was stated by Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi, the parents of Denise Pipitone, the little girl kidnapped in Mazara del Vallo on 1 September 2004. A moving post, with the photo of her card.

Many comments from people moved under his post. “This document excites me – writes Loredana Bigione – and makes me hope to believe that I wish more to have a warm embrace between us”.

“I hope it’s a sign of destiny – comments Manuela Spagnoli – and I always hope with you that your little big puppy can hug you again”. There are some controversial comments. «The State should do much more by actually looking for Denise, not just sending an expired health card, which she in fact cannot use – says Anita Sciortino -. The State has covered up for all these years, covering up for the real culprits of this crime, sidetracking every day with clear connivance. The Italian people will never stop looking for Denise Pipitone and will not give up on anything because Denise – she concludes – must be sought out and brought back home. Happy New Year Piera, may it be the year of justice and truth!».

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