Denial of permits to street vendors without tax compliance at Santa Rosalia festival in Palermo

Tax checks on street vendors who will carry out commercial activities in the area in front of the staircase of the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia during the Patron’s Festival in Palermo, from Monday 4th to Sunday 10th September. The offices under the authority of the Department of Productive Activities, led by Giuliano Forzinetti, requested yesterday to carry out checks at the Tax Department of the Palazzo delle Aquile Administration. “The procedure has been reactivated by this administration,” says Forzinetti, “the Municipality only grants sales space to traders who are up to date with their taxes. If they are not, and the situation is not regularized, all issued authorizations will be revoked.” Tax checks are added to those on compliance with regulations that require food vendors to apply hygiene standards and prohibit the sale of drinks in glass and aluminum containers. Only sales in paper cups or biodegradable and compostable disposable containers are allowed. Outlawed are also polyethylene shoppers (bags for take-away goods), non-biodegradable disposable containers and utensils.

Palermo, permessi negati agli ambulanti non in regola con le tasse alla festa di Santa Rosalia

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