Delivery of Father Pino Puglisi’s relic to Palermo’s prisons by Archbishop Lorefice

Father Pino Puglisi, a priest killed by the Mafia in Brancaccio, has his relic delivered to the inspector general of chaplains by the archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice. The relic will be taken to the inmates of prisons across Italy. Archbishop Lorefice emphasizes that those who are incarcerated are also part of the Church and should be cared for. He believes that their situation can bring them closer to the presence of the Lord. The delivery of the relic is seen as a sign of mercy and hope, and it is hoped that it will promote the ideas of mercy, justice, and forgiveness within the prison system. Archbishop Lorefice also receives a gift of a hope-filled pectoral cross from the inmates of Casal del Marmo and Rebibbia.

Una reliquia di Padre Pino Puglisi nelle carceri, la consegna a Palermo dall’arcivescovo Lorefice

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