Delights at Pasticceria Oscar 1965

The Easter is approaching and with it the time to bring to the table the Easter dove, beautiful to look at but above all good to eat, provided that you know how to choose well. “The quality of the dough is fundamental,” explains Giovanni Catalano, pastry chef of the historic Oscar 1965 pastry shop in Palermo, in via Mariano Migliaccio. But the raw materials are not to be underestimated, which the owner Giuseppe Di Gaetano carefully selects to guarantee the best to his customers, for years. “The most important ingredient in pastry is passion, but the use of excellent raw materials allows you to make high-quality desserts, also benefiting health,” says Di Gaetano. “Our customers are accustomed to high quality standards, to be maintained with a strong sense of responsibility and gratitude.” Over the years, pastry chef Catalano has perfected his personal recipe, managing to obtain, for Easter doves, a dough fruit of great skill; well made, it smells of mother yeast, which then expands the most delicate aromas of citrus and vanilla, not too persistent on the palate. The alveolation of the dove inside is irregular, as craftsmanship requires. To the palate, the taste is soft and the orange and tangerine peels are well distributed inside. The typical Easter dessert seduces and melts in the mouth, and is an excellent dessert to bring to the table for those who choose artisanal quality. The flavors offered are three: the traditional almond with icing, almonds and sugar, the pistachio flavor with pistachio cream and the chocolate one. This year the variant with apricots and vanilla is added. Each individual piece is the result of research and continuous experimentation. “Over time, experience and technique are refined and after many tests we always try to perfect. This is what we have done and do for each of our products. But the key to everything is always the passion for this profession, which is a true art,” says Giovanni Catalano. “The quality of our products and the raw materials we use are fundamental for us,” says Di Gaetano. “Our customers choose us and reward us for this and we have always felt obliged to offer them the best, following the path of quality without compromises. At Easter the artisanal dove cannot be missing, but the people of Palermo never betray the cassata that dominates the festive tables.” Inimitable sweet, the Palermo cassata is an evergreen that never fades. During the Easter period, Oscar also offers the pastiera, in a lighter and more innovative version: a non-Sicilian dessert but one that Palermo residents like.

Delizie alla Pasticceria Oscar 1965

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