Decadent Catania Court, Pizzino: “Urgent action”

The appeal of the president of the Catania Bar Association on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia: “We need strong symbols of legality and decorum”

CATANIA – Report of the forfeiture and unavailability of many courtrooms in the Catania district and request for urgent modernization of the structures, also from the telematic and judicial building point of view. Serious delays in the payment of fees of the legal aid and in the Unep services. But also criticisms and proposals on the reforms implemented by the Government, with the PNRR, by the Ministry of Justice, by Parliament, but above all affirmation of the centrality of the role of the lawyer, of the citizens’ right of defense and of public and universal access to justice .

Thus the president of the Council of the Catania Bar Association, Rosario Pizzino, representing the District Bar Association and the Orders of Syracuse, Ragusa and Caltagirone, spoke in greeting to the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, yesterday present at the Etna Court, to illustrate one of the Government’s reforms, the new “trial office “.

In the meantime, Pizzino highlighted the importance of moments like this appreciating the minister’s intent to know the needs of the various Districts, and that Cartabia itself defined “a great listening opportunity”, therefore remembering the importance that among the voices to be listened to, there is also that of the Etna District Attorney.

So Pizzino contextualized the reforms also in the Sicilian reality: “The greatest risk is that the new Office (of the trial) collides – at least in our District – with the concrete, structural and operational reality of the Courts. The second node, in fact, is that of judicial building“. And addressing the minister underlined: “This room represents for the citizens ‘the authority’ of justice. However, if we moved about ten meters, we would see the ‘decadence’ of justice. Narrow corridors and cramped rooms for civil hearings; or, in the headquarters in via Francesco Crispi, 200 meters from here, a structure that accumulates problems, which suffers from winter flooding and which, at the first spikes in temperature, is unlivable. The lack of an air conditioner system, for years stopped due to a fault, expensive to repair, is, for example, one of the causes of the length of the processes, which must be postponed in the hottest days. It is trivially so! The situation would get worse if we visited the Supervisory Court or the Juvenile Court; and all this while the times of construction of the new judicial citadel seem to move away. Judicial construction is also suffering in the other Courts of the District and thanks to the effective collaboration with the heads of the Offices, temporary micro-solutions are found, which, however, cannot be the normality of the courtrooms. You will already know, Minister, of the shortages of the administrative staff. This problem, among the many consequences, entails, for example – in Catania and Syracuse – biblical times in the settlement of the fees for the legal aid, or, in the Unep (office of notifications of executions and protests) of Catania, a substantial paralysis services “.

As a Council of the District Bar Association, a further invitation to Catania and the district for power was therefore addressed to the Minister find solutions (no longer postponable) to this difficult situation. “Catania, and its District, are places with many contradictions and serious problems, including social ones – concluded Pizzino – and they need clear signals, strong symbols of legality and decorum. The good governance of justice is form and substance: the courtrooms are the visiting card of our country and our democracy. Let’s not miss the opportunity for reforms ”.

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