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Debate on Ukraine denied to La Torre institute, students protest and police intervene

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This morning the students of the Pio La Torre institute in via Nina Siciliana, in Palermo, refused to enter the classroom, gathering in the external courtyard of the school.

The students had asked to have a debate on the war in Ukraine

They are in an educational block because in the previous days the autonomous collective had asked the Dean for the possibility of holding a debate on the war in Ukraine in the presence.
Space that was denied with the manager’s request to carry out the moment of confrontation within the individual classes or during the school assembly, which however takes place electronically.

Protest this morning

The reply was promptly returned to the sender and the protest started this morning.
Initially the manager seemed willing to retrace her steps, only to ask for the intervention of the digos to disperse the students.

Students: “Very serious fact”

“What happened this morning in our school is very serious.
Faced with legitimate requests from students, the educational institution responds with the police.
What is happening in Ukraine has caught everyone’s attention, and of course we students as well.
We want to talk about it, discuss it with each other, with the help of teachers and experts, to be able to better orient ourselves and develop our own point of view on war.
We want to do it within the school, because for us training does not only involve the study of history, geometry and other ordinary subjects.
The school has value if it also manages to provide students with tools to understand and criticize what is happening around us ”, says Flavio La Bruna, spokesperson for the Pio La Torre Autonomous Collective.

The protest continues with the permanent assembly

The arrival of the police, however, did not interrupt the protest that continues, the students say, until a circular is published certifying the authorization to carry out the debate in person.
The spokesperson La Bruna concludes: “We need to meet in the presence.
Many other schools have already done so, we do not understand why our Dean has to deny us this space with the excuse of the anti Covid health regulations, which however have changed and now provide for the possibility of carrying out activities by filling the classrooms up to the maximum capacity.
We have heard reports of obstruction of war initiatives in other schools and universities, for generic “political reasons”.
We hope this is not happening here too, certainly the response of the principal, who sent the police to school, does not give us hope “.
The students met in permanent assembly.

Our editorial staff has not yet managed to obtain a reply from the Pio La Torre Institute.
We will keep you posted.

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