Death Viviana and Gioele, the investigating judge will decide whether to allow the 3D examination on the bodies

The investigating judge Eugenio Aliquò will have to decide whether to have the bodies of Viviana Parisi and little Gioele examined again by partisan consultants. On 21 September the judge of the Patti court will preside over the hearing in the council chamber after the appeal presented by the lawyers of the Mondello family against the denial of the Prosecutor’s office on the possibility of analyzing the remains of mother and child with a laser technology that allows reconstruction in 3D. The lawyers Claudio Mondello and Pietro Venuti last August 5 had in fact opposed the prosecutor’s no to the request to have the criminologist Carmelo Lavorino and the coroner Antonio Della Valle return to work, who rely on the use of a laser-scanner to find more information from the remains, in the morgue for more than a year.

Viviana and Gioele, the wiretapping of family members a few hours after the tragic discovery The investigating judge also has the burden of deciding on the request for dismissal of the investigations presented by the prosecutor Angelo Cavallo who investigated for murder, kidnapping and omissions of official documents. The family’s lawyers will be able to formalize the opposition by next September 17. Meanwhile, the lawyers Mondello and Venuti continue the work of studying the documentation that contains the investigators’ work that lasted a year. A careful study phase to collect all the elements necessary to decide which path to take.

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