Death of young Gambian: a Palermo resident was the killer, say African community

The article reveals details that, if confirmed, could guide investigators in the search for Kitim Ceesay’s killer. While hospitalized, the Gambian boy did not provide useful information to the authorities to trace his attacker. Now, however, his fellow countrymen in Palermo have mobilized to gather testimonies and have already indicated that the assailant – now a murderer – may not be African, but from Palermo. The motive, however, remains shrouded in mystery.

Ceesay, a twenty-four-year-old, was married to a young British woman with whom he had a three-year-old son. The girl is now expecting another child. The young man was injured on the night between the 4th and 5th of March. It seems he was first run over and then stabbed. The ambulance picked him up in Piazza di Porta Sant’Agata, at the entrance of the Ballarò district in the historic center, where Ceesay lived with his family. The young African, who arrived in Sicily on a boat, landed in Lampedusa in 2016, was admitted to the Civico Hospital, but after a few days, he was transferred to the Policlinico in the infectious diseases department, as he was HIV positive and had other illnesses. He died after 17 days, last Thursday night.

The African community only found out about what happened after the young man’s death, who was very active within the group, and began investigating to discover what happened that night.

La morte del giovane gambiano: per la comunità africana ad ucciderlo è stato un palermitano

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