Death of a driver in Trapani: Mourning in Campobello di Mazara

Campobello di Mazara is in mourning for the death of Bruno Festeggiante, a 52-year-old driver who lost his life on the state road 115 during the night between Sunday and Monday. He lived on Vittorio Emanuele Street in the town of Trapani, where many people knew him and are now in disbelief. He was described as a cautious driver, accustomed to traveling and using that road for work reasons. The news has thrown the town into despair, with many expressing their condolences and remembering Bruno fondly. Festeggiante was a sales agent and was driving an Alfa Romeo 156 towards Campobello di Mazara at the time of the tragic accident. His car collided with the guardrail at a curve, with the impact turning out to be extremely violent. Firefighters from the Castelvetrano detachment had to extricate him from the car. When he was rescued, he was still alive but had suffered serious injuries. He was transported to the emergency department of the Vittorio Emanuele II Hospital in Castelvetrano but died a few hours later.

L’automobilista morto nel Trapanese, il dolore di Campobello di Mazara

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