Dearest Santuzza, free us from this Palermo

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Our letter to Santa Rosalia.
With a specific request.


Dearest Santuzza, free us from this Palermo.
From the coffins of the Scrolls, from the ugly politics that tolerated them, from the indifference of all those who do not go to the cemetery, so – they think – what does it matter to me? From the resignation full of tears of those who stop in that place of pain and no longer know what to hope for, while he throws a bouquet of flowers, trying to hit the right coffin.
Free us from words that do not resolve, because they hide.
She frees the poor bodies from the imprisonment they suffer, under a white awning, stacked like leftovers in the supermarket.

Dearest Santuzza, free us from this Palermo.
From the tyranny of politicians who promise, knowing they won’t keep their promise.
Because it will be enough to satisfy, individually, a right, pretending that it is a favor, and to keep a citizen, transformed into a subject, in the chain.
And again we see certain faces without blush which, having exhausted the old supply of lies, invent new ones.
And the more mouths there are to feed, the easier it will be to extort consent.

Dearest Santuzza, free us from this Palermo. From the submission of subjects who forget that they are citizens.
And whoever does it to put the plate on the table, perhaps, has nothing else.
But there are those who do it, instead, by choice, to act as a parasite and get a slice of power by dropping their heads and always repeating yes.
They are the ones who are truly responsible, who build relationships in which one is a slave or sovereign of someone.
And there is no vaccine against this virus.

Dearest Santuzza, here it is your Festino number three hundred and ninety eight. For almost four hundred years, you have passed among us with your chariot and we do not know how to try anything else but to ask you for grace.
Why can’t we fight our battles – and how could we ever win them? And we traded your presence for an emergency placement office, not an exhortation to the beauty, generosity and independence that have illuminated your life.

Dearest Santuzza, free us from this Palermo.
From ourselves, when we think that it is not our turn, that it is someone else’s job to change and have courage.
When we declaim the list: “The Scrolls, the munnizza, the cia trading”.
And there is always, at the bottom of the pain, a little complacency.
If things are so bad, why should we get involved? Free us from resignation, from indifference, from the wisdom that is not wise.
Give us a look capable of perceiving the suffering that is the travel companion of hope.
Dearest Santuzza, now and forever, free us from this Palermo.

News from Sicily 2022-07-15 06:22:00