Dear flights, the first two social routes from Comiso starting from 1 August


Comiso (Ragusa) – The two social routes to Rome and Milan will depart from Pio La Torre airport on 1 August 2020. The news was released at the end of the State / Region service conference on territorial continuity held a few days ago in Palermo, in the hall of the infrastructure department, between the region, Eanc, Soaco and the municipality of Comiso. The meeting was broadcast via video conference with Rome, where the general manager of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Renato Poletti and the official Teresa Evangelistella, together with the ENAC executive Renato Marotta, were connected. In the island's capital, the mayor Maria Rita Schembari and the chief of staff Fabio Melilli were present for the municipality of Comiso, the managing director Rosario Dibennardo, the president Silvio Meli and the commercial Paolo Dierna for Soaco.

The process for territorial continuity started at the end of 2015, with the amendment presented by the Hon. Nino Minardo in national financial. Since then, meetings have taken place between Rome and Palermo but the social routes, which provide for the activation of reduced fares for Sicilians who fly from the airports of Comiso and Trapani, have not been able to take off. Yesterday's meeting should be the final one. “I am very happy for the conclusion of this process – said the mayor Schembari – which, although late, reaches its final act. Now the word passes to the Ministry of Transport for the Minister's signing of the decree and publication, as quickly as possible. We can optimistically think that the activation of these flights will take place from the first of August of this year. Comiso, will be connected to Rome twice a day, round trip, once a day, always round trip, with one of the three Milanese airports. Air traffic in our airport will then increase again, which will be followed by other steps to relaunch ”.

Satisfaction also from the leaders of Soaco and the majority shareholder Sac. "Despite some delays in the past – commented the president and CEO of Soaco, Silvio Meli and Rosario Dibennardo -, we are extremely happy to have finally managed to activate continuity also on Pio La Torre". For Dibennardo and Meli it was a fundamental step for the relaunch of the Hyblean airport, "of the entire Ragusan territory and, in general, for the construction of the South East airport network". "The change of pace is evident – they added the president and the CEO – even if we are at the beginning: not only is it necessary to speed up the publication of the announcement by the Ministry, which we hope will happen by March 1st, but, simultaneously, to encourage the arrival of airlines and strengthen connections and destinations ".

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