Dear-energy, alarmed artisans in Trapani: “It reopens, but with reduced production and personnel”

For many companies, the month of September, which is now just around the corner, will not, as usual, be that of the restart after summer holidays. Faced with skyrocketing energy costs, many activities – especially energy-intensive ones – in order to cope with the considerable costs, have in fact wisely decided to reduce production. «It is a choice we are obliged to – explains Giovanni Marchese, president of the Production category for Cna Trapani, but also owner of a company in the manufacturing sector – to avoid definitive closure. In fact, we are no longer able to pay bills 3-4 times heavier than in the past. Compared to last year alone, methane gas has gone from 0.27 cents per cubic meter to 2.40 euros per cubic meter today, while electricity costs have gone from 0.07 cents to kw up to 0, 47 cents today “.

«It is difficult to predict – says Marchese – whether it will still be sustainable to continue producing even in the autumn, especially in view of new increases. At the moment, I personally have decided to start only one production line out of the three planned by my company ».

The choice to reduce company production – specifies Cna Trapani, spokesman for the needs of local companies, and worried about the future of the local economy, which is already weak in itself – inevitably also translates into a reduction in workers’ shifts. , and therefore also in any redundancy fund for some employees or layoffs.

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