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Posted on 1 July 2022 | by Editorial staff

Entrusting our cities in good hands means embracing the lesson of La Pira: “The city is the appropriate tool in some way to overcome all the possible crises to which human history and human civilization have to be subjected over the centuries”.

I was invited by Father Totò Puglisi to moderate the meetings of the ecclesial community of Santa Croce Camerina with the candidates for mayor of the city.
For the first time in Santa Croce the Pastoral Council has decided, not without some resistance, to take a public interest in what is happening outside the walls of the church, in the city districts and in the churchyard.
Precisely in the Magisterium we find many solicitations to the Communities to participate fully in the life of the civitas (from Gaudium et Spes to Fratelli tutti).
It was a good start, which obviously can only be improved over time.

In five evenings, the five Candidates for Mayor presented their program, to tell the truth to a limited number of people who assiduously attend the activities of the parish.
However encouraging the interested participation of supporters and candidates in the list of each candidate for auditor.

The territorial specificity and the stories of the candidates do not allow us, fortunately, to be able to attribute an extra-citizen value to this local election, even if the parties, only apparently, are invisible.
The programs presented are aimed at the solution, as it should be, of concrete problems typical of the territory of the city and its villages.
But today there are two great historical characteristics added to these: the management of the post-Covid phase and above all the use of funds from the NRP, obviously as far as the municipalities are concerned.

The post-Covid will mainly concern the recovery of sociality, relational health.
It will be time to rebuild or strengthen relationships.
It will not be easy, it will be necessary to overcome habits that have taken root in the two years and more of the pandemic: the use of the telephone and digital encounters.
It will be a time of treatment that will concern, not only the administrations, but each of us.
We will have to refrain from proxies, each in this challenge, will be personally responsible.
To help this time, places of conviviality will be healthy, from groups of friends to associative activities, to ecclesial communities.
Cities will have to go back to being the main and necessary places for this work of rebuilding relationships, the administrations must best interpret their role as protagonists in this challenge.

The other theme that cannot go unnoticed, for better or for worse, will be the use of funds from the NRP.
I was also quite categorical with all the candidates, addressing those present during the meetings: “…
if Santa Croce does not make the most of the PNRR, its citizens will not only not enjoy the countless benefits, but will risk paying any debts that Italy will have at the end of the Plan “.
In this sense it will be important, indeed vital, the competence to intercept the resources of the NRP.

When this article is published we will already know who will have won the electoral race.
What will reveal itself over time will be if the next administration is able to manage this crucial phase for the city.
This is why I advised the ecclesial community to make the “first coupon”, in a year, to those who administer.
It is necessary to participate and continue the path started.
Otherwise these meetings will be considered only a “moment of euphoria” and, tomorrow, they will become a “sin of omission”.

Renato Meli

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