Dear bills how much you save in Ragusa by going to the Free Market

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05 Jul 2022 17:10

The dear bills continues, creating many difficulties among Sicilian families, who since the beginning of 2022 now find themselves having to bear ever higher costs.
If the rise in the price of gas worries a little less for the moment, that of electricity is making itself felt even more in recent months. With the high temperatures and the need to turn on the air conditioning, in fact, in cities like Ragusa the situation is becoming really unsustainable.

By now, however, we know: if families are the most affected by the expensive bills, the most numerous nuclei remain those who by switching to the Free Market they have the opportunity to significantly reduce costs. Therefore, something can be done to lighten the electricity bills, even in Ragusa.

Dear light: the price trend in Ragusa

If we go to see in detail the price trend for electricity in Ragusa, we can see that also in this municipality choosing an offer from the Free Market allows you to obtain a certain saving.
According to the data published by the last Observatoryin fact, on an average annual consumption which in Ragusa stood at 2773 kWh, the average cost for customers of the Protected Market was 519 euros.
Those who have instead chosen to abandon the higher protection regime and move to the Free Market have spent an average of 508 euros, saving 11 euros.
This is certainly not a life-changing figure, but it is important to underline that in the near future it is quite likely that the light tariffs of the Free Market will become even cheaper, in particular by choosing a fixed price offer that does not suffer from the fluctuations of the market.

In fact, remaining in the higher protection regime means being subject to the prices imposed by ARERA, which are currently particularly high given the latest events.
The offers of the Free Market, on the other hand, depend on the market and on the competition, which is growing more and more and which will push the various suppliers to propose increasingly advantageous rates.

Lighten your bills in Ragusa: 3 useful tips

So let’s see some useful tips to be able to lighten the electricity bills.

# 1 Move to the Free Market

We just saw it: switching to the Free Market is undoubtedly the first step to be able to save on electricity bills and the same goes for those of gas.
Nowadays it is very easy to do this, also because there is no constraint that obliges the customer to stay with a particular supplier.
You are therefore free to change at any time, taking advantage of the most advantageous offer.

# 2 Compare offers with an online comparator

Equally useful is to compare the various light rates online, using a comparator.
By doing so, it is possible to have the complete picture of all the promotions active at the moment and choose the one that is most convenient for your needs.

# 3 Adhere to an offer with a fixed price rate

The rates at a fixed price are currently the most convenient, as the price is subject to changes in the market for a period of time that usually goes from 12 to 24 months, and which allows us to sleep peacefully.
Therefore, it is much better to prefer this option in order not to risk having bad surprises in a few months and be sure to save as much as possible.

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