Dear bills: Don Pino Puglisi center at risk of closure

The Our Father Center founded in the Palermo district of Brancaccio by Don Pino Puglisi, the priest killed by the mafia on September 15, ’93, risks closing because he is unable to sustain the exponential increase of bills.

“If by the end of September the government does not find a solution to expensive energy, even for third sector entities – says the president of the Centro Maurizio Artale – we will find ourselves forced to close the offices and lay off the thirteen employees, with the aggravating circumstance that the Center will no longer be able to offer its services to weaker social groups. The Padre Nostro reception center assists about 600 families for their basic needs as well as offering many other services. People who today find some form of refreshment, albeit partial, tomorrow they will no longer be assisted. On the other hand, it is certainly not a novelty that large and small economic crises always hit the weakest and most fragile “.

The amounts of the bills delivered to the Center are exorbitant. “We too – adds Artale – as some entrepreneurs have done, we want to publish the bills we have received: for the month of July alone, for electricity consumption alone, they amount to 6,823.24, compared to 3,640.86 for the month. previous. In July 2021 the amount was 1,706.41, there was a 400% increase. To these must be added the gas and water bills of the various service offices “. .

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