Dear airline tickets, Forza Italia asks the government for "respect for the Sicilians"


"What we have asked for in the Chamber today through an urgent interpellation is a territorial rebalancing through a rule that allows us to" calm down "the cost of air tickets to and from Sicily. We responded urgently to the silence of the Government, asking for respect for the Sicilians. I learn that the deputy minister of transport Cancelleri, now announces a government amendment to the budget maneuver to intervene on the expensive airline tickets in Sicily. Are they back on their feet considering it right not to charge Sicily for the price of an absent territorial continuity? Certainly the pressing action of Forza Italia on this side has had some effect. Until the cost of a flight to and from Sicily does not return to be dignified and for everyone, we will ensure that the Government, from words to the facts ". This was stated by the deputy of Forza Italia in the Chamber, the Hon. Matilde Siracusano.

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