«Dear 2022, you have been a memorable year», Palermo’s tribute on New Year’s Eve

Dear 2022, you have been a memorable year. We will carry all the emotions you made us experience”. Thus begins the message from Palermo published on social media. A precious tribute, to an extraordinary journey, to twelve months full of emotions.

A journey, “organized” by Baldini and then continued by Corini. Are you afraid? The passion, the enthusiasm, the involvement of the people of Palermo. In between, the most important factor: the results. From January to June, an obstacle course, a journey that also contains outbursts of a certain caliber, like the one that arrived after the 2-2 draw in Potenza. Reproaches, which are then served. The victory at San Nicola di Bari for 0-2, on the last day of Group C of Serie C. The 90′ ​​that perhaps gave confidence, awareness. Conviction, of being able to make a dream come true. Soleri’s goal against Virtus Entella, in the quarter-finals of the playoffs. When everything seemed already decided and the shadow of failure was there, a stone’s throw away. And then that 25′ on the night of 12 June, in the final against Padova. Breath suspended, heart pounding, a thousand thoughts on my mind; those of over 35,000 fans at the stadium and those of an entire city that smelled the scent of glory. A run-up, that of the best Italian scorer of 2022 (speaking of an extraordinary year). The right, to displace Donnarumma.

The rest is known history, with the celebrations, the tears, the rosy gaze towards the future. And speaking of the future, another date to mark in red on the calendar in a great 2022 is July 4th. The day in which City Group bought 80% of the company shares leaving 20% ​​in the hands of the president Mirri. The latter would later declare: “This is the most important victory, even more than the promotion”.

A triumph of perspective and planning. Different, but no less beautiful and above all no less important. The two most important successes of a Palermo that then had to accept Baldini’s resignation. Unexpected, like a bolt from the blue. It was July 28 last year. Then 10 days to choose a new coach. Algorithms, calculations, sensations, but above all a lot of heart. And in fact the choice fell on Corini, who had already been captain of the rosanero for 4 years as a footballer. Lots of skepticism, little trust. However, Palermo got off to a good start by winning 2-0 against Perugia at home (August 13), before facing legitimate difficulties in a championship as difficult as that of Serie B. The abyss, then the ascent and the emotions of a present that is now new more pink than black. And the last piece of the wonderful “memory puzzle” is the 2-1 trimmed against Cagliari on 18 December, before the draw which ended, sportingly speaking, a 2022 full of emotions.

Small setbacks, but above all great joys, in a 2022 which has reached its last day and which from tomorrow (January 1) will already be history. It will be what it was. The awareness of the past and the hope of an even better present. Tonight, however, someone will close their eyes and still hear “the roar of the Barbera that evening, like the sound of the sea inside the shells”.

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