Dead newborn in Siculiana, awaiting autopsy assignment

In the coming days, a forensic doctor will be appointed to perform an autopsy on the body of a two and a half month old baby who died two days ago in Siculiana. The deputy prosecutor of Agrigento, Giulia Sbocchia, will be responsible for coordinating the investigation of the carabinieri who are acquiring the child’s medical records from the San Giovanni di Dio hospital, where she was admitted for “reported cyanosis” in mid-September. The mayor, Peppe Zambito, stated that the municipality is available to support the needs of the Tunisian couple, who also have another child, and were previously hosted at Villa Sikania. They have chosen to stay in Siculiana after leaving the protection system and are well integrated into the community. The tragedy that has befallen them has shaken the entire town.

Neonata morta a Siculiana, si attende l’incarico per l’autopsia

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