De Lucia: “Messina Denaro was not the mafia boss, but the charismatic leader”

The arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro has had a significant and destabilizing effect. He was not the boss, but a charismatic figurehead who represented the impunity of Cosa Nostra. Capturing him is an important signal. These words were spoken by the prosecutor of Palermo, Maurizio de Lucia, during a event in Castelguidone (Chieti) promoting the Day of Legality, organized by Caritas of Abruzzo and Molise and the political training school Paolo Borsellino of the diocese of Trivento (Campobasso). De Lucia also recalled the day of Messina Denaro’s arrest, expressing uncertainty until they were sure they had caught him, followed by legitimate satisfaction, and thoughts for those who have fought and continue to fight against the Mafia, but are no longer here due to the Mafia’s actions.

De Lucia: «Messina Denaro non era il capo della mafia, ma il vertice carismatico»

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