De Luca Messinesi people of liberation. And then on the new mayor Basile the best part of me

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In Piazza Unione Europea, Federico Basile celebrated his 45 years, in front of over a thousand people from Messina who wanted to pay homage to him.
But the most beautiful tribute to Federico Basile was made by Cateno De Luca who at the end of the evening concluded with applause: “Federico Basile is the best part of me” said the leader of Sicilia Vera.
And again: “Just make comparisons with me.
I was one thing, Federico is another.
With his competence, with his method, with his characteristics.
To the people of Messina I say:” love your mayor “.
And again: “This is a revolution and not everyone has understood it.
Now I say one last thing: Messina is our electoral committee, our adventure to conquer Sicily starts from Messina.
Messinesi people of liberation”.
Another passage De Luca dedicates to his council which is now that of Basile: “Let it be clear to all the councilors.
Not because they have done well in my 4 years they must feel they have arrived.
With Federico I was clear and we identified a period of six months, I would say until the end of the year, to understand if the councilors understood his method.
Otherwise they will be replaced.
So they have to work as and more than before.

Previously on stage also Nino Germanà, deputy of Prima L’Italia that “read” before the others where the strongest wind pulled, he detached himself, for administrative purposes, from the center-right and found a new ally.
«I didn’t ask Cateno De Luca for anything – he says – ours is just a technical semblance.
And to those who tell me that I will not even have a councilor, I say that I have 9 councilors in this administration.
I represent the first party of the center-right and we do not sell ourselves for an armchair ».
Basile, after three months of electoral campaign, also confident on that stage, in front of the spotlights in front of which he fled when he was only the man of the accounts.
His life was revolutionized in one season.
“In the last three days I walked with the sash of mayor through the streets of my city with the procession of Sant’Antonio, Saturday I was in Taormina where I met President Mattarella and today I was at Corpus Domini, always wearing the tricolor.
Who would have thought that? Our luck – he says is that I, that person who did these things in his first three days, is exactly like you.
It is Cateno De Luca who gave me the birthday present.
He saw in me who could listen to your needs and those of a city that lived in torpor ».


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