Days from "red stamp" for traffic, the provincial police in the field


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Traffic from "red stamp" on many Agrigento streets, even the provincial police of the Free Municipal Consortium of Agrigento takes the field with a series of extraordinary territorial control services.

Concomitantly with Ferragosto, in fact, the men directed by Vincenzo Giglio have carried out numerous patrols on the main tourist roads to make road traffic more fluid. In particular, on the SP 68 Porto Empedocle – Capo Rossello and on the SP 27 Realmonte – Capo Rossello, in the area of ​​the Scala dei Turchi, the Provincial Police took to the field in support of the Municipal Police of Realmonte with a patrol service that allowed raise numerous records against those who parked in an uncontrolled manner.

"Our goal – said the commander Giglio – is to prevent the traffic congestion, streamline the traffic as much as possible and thus avoid the wild parking that could hinder the passage of any emergency vehicles. In a few days – he continues – the agents have sanctioned about fifty cars parked on the provincial road leading to Capo Rossello. The service – adds Giglio – is strengthened by the civil protection sector which has drawn up an extraordinary plan for rescue. An operational plan for the road system, therefore, for a better management of road traffic ”. The agents have also put in place specific measures to prevent the abandonment of waste, which can be punished with penalties of 600 euros.

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