Daughter appeals for help in finding her 60-year-old father missing for two weeks in Palermo

A 80-year-old man from Palermo has been missing for over two weeks, causing distress for his family. A report has been filed with the police, but his daughter is now appealing on social media to spread his photo and ask for help. He was last seen wearing black shorts, a blue shirt, and beige loafers on Corso Calatifimi. He left his phone, wallet, and keys at home but had his ID with him. The man suffers from temporary amnesia, and his daughter asks for the public’s help in finding him. She shares a heartfelt message about her father, expressing how much she misses him and how he has always been her hero. Any sightings should be reported to the authorities or contact the provided number.

A Palermo sessantenne scomparso da due settimane, l’appello della figlia: «Aiutatemi a trovare papà»

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