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The pedestrianized promenade in Catania is back in a night version: all the most important information on the date, roads involved and times of the event.

The initiative that will make young and old happy in Catania is back: it is the promenade in a pedestrianized version, in a different guise since it will not take place during the morning but during the night.

The date is that of Sunday 3 July 2022day on which the Promenade of Catania it will be completely available to citizens to walk, run and cycle in maximum safety.
As anticipated, the event will take place in the evening and in particular, the start is expected for 19:00 and until 23:00 the citizens of Catania will be able to enjoy the seafront without cars.

In order to ensure ample space for the movement of citizens on foot, by bike and on scooters, an ordinance has been issued to prohibit vehicular traffic.
This will allow those who want to take part in the event not to run into the dangers of vehicular traffic.
The stretch affected by the event, and therefore also by the ordinance, is 1.8 km long and includes the entire path of the rocky promenade.
Specifically, it refers to the stretch of road overlooking the sea that is included from near Piazza Mancini Battaglia to Piazza Europa.

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