Danni and decay at the site of the Portella della Ginestra massacre: SOS from the victims’ families association

The article discusses the state of degradation of the Portella della Ginestra site, where the band of Salvatore Giuliano massacred 11 peasants on May 1, 1947. The association that gathers the families of the victims and some of the survivors is denouncing the lack of maintenance of the site and the memorial. The base supporting the stone with a poem by Ignazio Buttitta is severely damaged, and many stones have detached from the walls. Criticism is also directed at the flattening of the hill where the bombs were launched during the massacre, as well as the destruction of the stones that served as cover for eyewitnesses of the event.

Danni e degrado sul luogo della strage di Portella della Ginestra: Sos dall’associazione dei familiari delle vittime

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