Damì, quality professionals

In Palermo, at 238 Mariano Stabile Street, you can find Damì pizzeria, the artisans of pizza. This new and welcoming establishment offers a variety of pizza doughs and a focus on quality ingredients. Specializing in gluten-free pizza, Damì has quickly gained popularity among customers. The service is fast and punctual, and the atmosphere is friendly and authentic. The pizza is made with live sourdough, fresh ingredients, and is both soft and crispy. This pizzeria takes pizza seriously, carefully choosing flour, fermentation, and wood oven baking. Damì offers exclusive recipes that can only be tasted there, reflecting the passion and dedication of the owners. This establishment aims to become a reference point for pizza enthusiasts throughout Palermo, offering a high-quality gastronomic experience.

Damì, i professionisti della qualità

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