Customer assaults Post Office employee in Monreale after unsuccessful transaction

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A man was unable to complete a transaction at the counter and caused panic at the post office in Monreale. This happened at the branch located in via Aldo Moro, where a man became furious after a technical malfunction prevented him from completing his transaction with the employee. The man then attacked the employee by destroying the glass partition at the counter and hitting her.

There were moments of fear for both the woman and the other customers and employees present, who immediately called the police for help. Customers gradually left the office to seek safety, and within a few minutes, the carabinieri arrived to restore calm and detain the man to investigate the incident and assess his situation. He risks being charged with assault and causing alarm.

The employee, who was found in shock by the military, only experienced a lot of fear and was not injured. Investigations are ongoing to clarify the situation, and the security camera footage from the branch, which captured the assault, is being reviewed.

In the past, a similar incident occurred in Campofelice di Roccella, where a man attacked another postal employee with an axe. An 83-year-old retired man became enraged at the woman, claiming he had been cheated out of his savings. He brandished a 34-centimeter long axe and threatened her, eventually causing the 58-year-old woman to be taken to the San Raffaele Giglio hospital in Cefalù. She suffered a laceration wound that required 15 stitches and had a 15-day recovery period. The attacker was arrested.

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