Cuffaro to run for European elections without Forza Italia: “We will make the Free and Strong list for the EU”

DC Secretary Totò Cuffaro announced his own list for the European elections. He believes that some within Forza Italia do not want them to contribute with their history, and states that the DC will participate in the elections in accordance with its founding history and work to create a list of Free and Strong with all parties and movements that politically think of the EPP. He believes they can contribute to increasing the EPP’s presence in the European Parliament and emphasizes the historical significance of the DC within the EPP. He hopes the number of elected parliamentarians will increase the Italian presence within the EPP group in Strasbourg.

Verso le Europee, Cuffaro correrà senza Forza Italia: «Faremo la lista Liberi e Forti per l’Ue»

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