Cuffaro: “The red shirt is a gift from Gorbachev”

“Some worry and others are indignant because, after serving my full sentence and always having respect and trust for the institutions of justice, I return to cultivate my passion for politics. Maybe with a sense of superiority, someone wrinkles their nose because in quoting Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ 100 times, I make a single mistake. Others timidly hint at scandal because, in protesting against the war in Ukraine, I wear a red t-shirt with a sickle and hammer, given to me in 1985 by Gorbachev at the beginning of his perestroika, and I sing Bella Ciao, a symbol of resistance of all colors and the defense of freedom. Yet others, for various reasons, will act as censors for everything or nothing. That’s life. We live the reward it gives us: to live”. This is said by the national secretary of the DC, Totò Cuffaro. “I want to respond and give to everyone with the beautiful words of a Chilean singer, Mercedes Soso, a song that we want to use as the anthem of the Friendship Festival that the new DC is celebrating again after 30 years of absence, which we will have in Ribera on October 5-6-7: Todo cambia, which we have allowed ourselves to translate into Italian and modify pro domo DC,” he concludes.

Cuffaro: «La maglietta rossa è un regalo di Gorbaciov»

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