Cuffaro, the ‘comrade’: Red CCCP jersey, clenched fist, and singing Bella ciao

Red shirt with the hammer and sickle symbol, the writing “Cccp,” and a raised clenched fist chanting “Bella ciao,” the anthem of the partisan resistance against Nazi-Fascism: the protagonist is Totò Cuffaro, surrounded yesterday evening by many Christian Democrat executives and sympathizers who gathered for a party at a beach resort in Addaura, Palermo. An unusual choice for the leader of the DC, with this gesture, explained by his staff, the former president of the Sicilian region wanted to emphasize his “no” to the war in Ukraine. Alongside Cuffaro, many other DC executives, including the party’s vice president Francesca Donato, were singing Bella ciao. The video of Cuffaro’s performance, accompanied by other DC executives, was already circulated last night through live streams on social networks by those present at the party. And there are those who congratulate the “comrade partisan Cuffaro” in the end.

Il «compagno» Cuffaro: maglia rossa Cccp, pugno chiuso e canta Bella ciao

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