Cuffaro, I’m going back to Burundi to host mothers and children

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 10 – “Dear friends, two years ago I went into intensive care, not knowing what Covid had in store for me.

I am leaving for Burundi and I feel privileged and fortunate to be able to continue and carry forward, with my friend Stefano Cirillo, various projects that are close to our hearts. One of them is the construction of the Center which will welcome “child” mothers who give birth between the ages of 12 and 13. These very young mothers, the most fragile in the world, are often forced to entrust their newborns to the many orphanages in a country where they would otherwise die of hunger”. This was stated in a note by the regional commissioner of the DC, Totò Cuffaro, announcing his trip Africa.

“The “Roberta & Felice Franzi” center, dedicated to our friend Roberta, who like many others supports us – explains Cuffaro – will serve to give these mothers the opportunity to raise their children with the warmth and affection that all children deserve Burundi is a good project in which we believe and we are carrying it forward with the support of so many of you who are close to us with your attention and with your small but sincere donations. For this we wish to thank all the friends who have helped us and they will help us. The emotion of returning among the poor and the many orphaned children makes this journey full of humanity and hope and will allow us to wait for the Child who is born sharing Christmas together with this extraordinary humanity. Certain of your closeness and affection reciprocal – comments Cuffaro – to all an affectionate wish in the imminence of Christmas”. .