Cuddureddi di Caltagirone, the recipe


Desserts and desserts

Now I'll tell you how this post was born Cuddureddi di Caltagirone.

This summer, as perhaps some faithful readers will remember, I was on vacation in the Val di Noto, walking through fascinating landscapes and cities such as Modica, Noto, Scicli (and of course Punta Secca at the home of Commissioner Montalbano). On the way back we made a small detour to visit Caltagirone. The occasion was too tempting not to admire the historic center of this wonderful town with its famous staircase of Santa Maria del Monte. The staircase is made up of 142 steps all decorated in the riser with polychrome majolica tiles that create a spectacular glance. Once in the middle of the "acchianata" we enter one of the many souvenir shops where, in addition to the inevitable fridge magnets, we buy a tray with the typical sweets of Caltagirone: the famous cuddureddi that in some respects recall the buccellati. They are donut-shaped desserts made with a rather thin dough and filled with a stuffing made with chopped almonds. Aesthetically, as you can see from the photos, they are presented with a sober elegance obtained thanks to a special tool called "pizzichi", a small serrated tweezer, with which you gently pull the surface of the dough, taking care not to break it, thus creating the characteristic ripples.

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