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Criticism rains on the Velodrome, “We think about concerts but not about doing sport” (VIDEO)

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The attack by the Cycling Federation on the Municipality.
Yet another inspection of the plant

There is criticism on the Velodrome Of Palermo.
The structure of via Lanza di Scalea should host the concert of Antonello Venditti and Francesco De Gregori on 25 August.
A decision that has perplexed regional sports operators, who have been waiting for the reopening of the facility for over eight years.
Open day still far away, in light of the state of work and conditions of the cycling track, now to be restored.

Guardì: “No cycling at the Velodrome for eight years”

After the new start of the works, some progress has been made.
Coime workers installed the drainage system of the future field, on which however there are still gravel and stones.
Right on the area where the synthetic turf surface will rise in the future, a leveling of the ground was carried out.
But, at the moment, this is not enough.

To reveal the critical situation experienced by the plant in via Lanza di Scalea is the president of the regional Federciclismo Diego Guardì.
“There has been no cycling activity at the Velodrome for eight years.
Now check on a well-known online ticketing site (ticket sales) that on August 25th there will be a concert here.
I would like to know who authorized the event, because someone will be there, how you can do a for-profit event in a facility that is unusable for sports, recreational-motor and social activities with schools“.

The work to be carried out on the track

Diego Guardì pays particular attention to the state of the cycling track.
A structure viewed two years ago, when it was practically complete.
Then the new abandonment, with the degradation that has plunged back onto the ring.
Two years ago we started to fix the track.
It was complete, almost entirely finished
Then there was a problem on the ground, which led to a series of diatribes between the Municipality and Coime.
For two years the works have been with the four arrows.
Now so, by a miracle, the hypothesis arises that for a concert by De Gregori and Venditti the work can resume.
Everything can be fixed.
But the surface is fixed, not the track, where in the meantime the grass has grown and the joints have expanded “.

A separate chapter concerns the covered grandstand of the Via Lanza di Scalea facility.
The area, still inaccessible, is not accessible even from the external staircase, which has been barred with iron barriers to prevent access.
Among other things, the covered grandstand is unusable.
It would be enough to remove this dilapidated span to make it fully accessible.
It is mainly a summer plant.
It is therefore not clear what this shed is for “.

Possible use of PNRR

The president of the regional Federciclismo then speaks of the request, made by the Municipality of Palermo, to collaborate in the drafting of a project to be included in the perspective of the PNRR.
“I will speak with the national president to understand if the Federation intends to invest in a Velodrome like Palermo, given what has happened.
Or whether to divert our projects to Montichiari or Treviso, where the activity is done more frequently.
As usual, Sicily risks losing the opportunities that life offers it“, Guardì says bitterly.

Ferrandelli: “Velodrome situation tastes like mockery”

The councilor of + Europa was present at today’s inspection Fabrizio Ferrandelli.
The president of the National Assembly, assisted by his party colleague Cesare Matttaliano, analyzes the progress of the works at the Velodrome.
This situation smacks of mockery.
Despite the conditions of the Velodrome, go to an online ticketing site and sell an availability for a concert that seems to me to be at least uncertain today.
I don’t see manpower here, maybe I’m out of luck.
I believe that it is not very credible that the terms of the time schedule, which envisage a closure on April 30, are respected.
We hope so for the image of the city, but I don’t think this roadmap can be respected ”.

Concerts are the main issue, on which Ferrandelli is extremely clear.
“We would like to clarify the issue.
We too have talked to the offices and they too know nothing about it.
But this is even more serious. It is not possible that on a well-known online ticketing chain there are tickets for a concert on sale and that the Municipality does not know anything about it.
But what hands have we been in?
“, Fabrizio Ferrandelli sinks.

The case born on the concert of 25 August

A concert, the one scheduled for August 25th, on which a detective story about authorizations has opened.
From March 18, tickets for the event that will star Antonello Venditti and Francesco De Gregori are on sale.
But none al Municipality of Palermo seems to have authorized the event.
In fact, both the Coime manager Francesco Teriaca and the councilor for Sport Paolo Petralia Camassa fall into this category.

It has been over eight years since the plant in via Lanza di Scalea hosted the last sports competition.
Since then, the structure has been an open-air construction site.
Covered grandstand not accessible, grass not yet installed and lots of work to be done.

The organizers: “The event will take place”

Giuseppe Rapisarda, organizer of the event, spoke on the affair in recent days and stated the following in a note.
“The project envisages the use of the Velodrome in the half of the already accessible part.
Everything else will be left out of public access as the structure can easily be divided into compartments.
As in previous events, the accessibility will be reduced to 4,900 tickets with seats in the parterre and the front steps will be used.
After the meeting held in recent weeks between the technicians of the Municipality and those of the organizing company a time schedule has been drawn up, up to now perfectly respected by the Municipality.
The conclusion of the works is expected in April, 5 months before the event “.

“During the meeting it was decided that we would proceed to submit the appropriate requests to obtain authorization – continues Rapisarda -.
After this meeting and after having started the entire authorization procedure, we sent a communication announcing the start of the project.
Reassured by telephone by the parties involved, it was decided to launch the concert.
As with all events, also in this case thehe organizational machine has a different speed than the bureaucratic one but this cannot damage a city that has been away from great concerts for a long time ”.