Criticalities in waste collection in Barcelona surveillance, investigations and sanctions

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Regarding the environmental hygiene service, considering the persistence of the phenomenon of the abandonment of unsorted waste also following the suspicion of inefficiencies, the investigations on compliance with all the contractual conditions of the special tender specifications stipulated with “Dusty srl” are only now triggered.
The Etnean company that currently carries out the service under an extension regime, having expired the five years provided for in this contract last year, was among other things the winner of the new one, which will have a seven-year duration and for which it has not yet been signed the contract, as it is “sub judice” for an administrative appeal presented to the TAR by the company “Caruter srl” of Brolo, which disputes the attribution of the score to the two companies that preceded it in the ranking of the award procedure .
The request for checks was made through a directive issued by the municipal councilor for the environment Paolo Pino.
With the same provision, the executive director of the contract, the official Maria Raimondo, was urged to start carrying out checks on a series of services carried out by Dusty.
The request, due to the complexity of the issue raised, first led to the calling of a services conference held on Friday last week, at which, in addition to the technicians of the environment sector of which Eng.
Nunzio Santorothe mayor also attended Pinuccio Calabrò and the director of the Dusty site, could have been generated by unspecified problems in the execution of the provisions of the Tender Specifications.
In fact, the checks will be extended as of Monday to the sweeping service, to the collection and transport, to the disposal of differentiated and unsorted municipal solid waste, including assimilated ones, to public hygiene services and other accessories entrusted in the Barcelona area to “Dusty srl “

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