Crepe and infiltrations force closure of preschool in Palermo

The preschool of the comprehensive institute Pirandello-Borgo Ulivia, located in via Ortigia 17, has been closed by the school principal Donatella Angella Dell’Oglio starting tomorrow until a date to be determined. The children will have to stay home for safety reasons. In recent days, visible infiltrations and existing cracks on the walls and a pillar have been observed in the classrooms. This structural and safety issues have led to the closure, leaving parents concerned about the education of their children. As a result of the recent heavy rains and the recommendation of the institute’s prevention and protection system architect, the closure is temporary with the hope of urgent intervention for the restoration of the safety of the premises.

Crepe e infiltrazioni, chiusa una scuola dell’infanzia a Palermo

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