“Crazy algorithm, school year at risk”

Editorial team 04 September 2021 12:10

Substitutions in the school. The Flc CGIL Sicily speaks of a crazy algorithm and announces an appeal. “There are many errors, sometimes striking, found in the publication of the Gps (Provincial rankings for substitutes) and of the Gae (Rankings until exhaustion) for the assignment of substitutes, which risk generating a rain of appeals and paralyzing the start of the new school year ”- says the regional secretary of the Flc CGIL Sicily, Adriano Rizza. “The new computerized procedure developed by the ministry this summer – adds Rizza – did not work as it should have. In many cases the algorithm has gone crazy, nullifying the great work done in recent days by the staff of the Sicilian Regional School Office and the Territorial Areas (formerly the Provinces) and harming the rights of many workers. This is why our provincial structures are ready to give assistance to teachers who have suffered damage ”. In July, however, chaos had “exploded” on the Ata rankings in the school. July 2021, problems in the Ata rankings

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