Crash with the electric bike, 37 years old in serious condition. Transferred to Palermo – Agrigento Today

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A thirty-seven year old from Agrigento, riding an electric bicycle, crashed into a wall in the initial stretch of the Via Panoramica dei Templi.
The man was seriously injured, and after a first admission to the “San Giovanni di Dio” hospital, he was transferred by helicopter rescue to the “Civico” of Palermo.
The road accident occurred yesterday morning.
The 37-year-old, CR, was riding a bicycle when, for reasons to be clarified, he ended up against a wall.

Some passing motorists contacted 112.
An ambulance from 118 was brought to the scene, and the cyclist was transported to the emergency room of the Agrigento hospital.

The doctors on duty assessed the serious conditions and ordered the immediate transfer to the Civic.
The policemen of the Flying section of the Police Headquarters have dealt with the reliefs, and are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the road accident, which would not have involved any other means of passage.
It is not excluded that someone could have “cut” the road to the thirty-seven year old.

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