Crash on Scicli-Modica road, multiple car collision: three injured

Another road accident and fear in the province of Ragusa. Three cars were involved in a crash on the provincial road Scicli-Modica, on Via Spana, along the long straight. The police in Scicli are investigating the incident and believe that the cars came into contact after one of them skidded, possibly due to the slippery road caused by the rain. The vehicles involved in the accident were a white Maserati Ghibli, a Lancia Y which flipped over along a fence, and a Ford Focus. The fire department in Modica had to intervene to extract the victims from the wreckage. All those involved were taken to the hospital in Modica, with three people injured, one of them more seriously, although not in danger of death.

Incidente sulla Scicli-Modica, carambola tra automobili: tre persone ferite

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